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Leesburg, VA 20176

Florida Office

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Williston, FL 32696

Why Tourbillion? 

Our name is our commitment to our clients. 

During the 18th century, a French watchmaker created a mechanism in a watch to offset the adverse effects of gravity on timekeeping. The tourbillon is a mechanism that turns 360 degrees every minute, so your watch keeps accurate time regardless of the position of your hand.

Tourbillion Financial Advisors works under a similar principle. We develop strategies for our clients to help keep them on course towards their financial and lifestyle goals, no matter the adverse effects of the financial market. 

We have considerable experience in providing financial advisory services to clients, both individual and corporate. Our founder and president, Michael Cohn, worked with a large global wealth management firm before founding Tourbillion Financial Advisors.

Michael’s goal for his clients is for them to experience a firm that dives deep into their needs and desires to create custom strategies for diversifying their wealth and helping them pursue their strategic and tactical goals. Tourbillion Financial Advisors uses contemporary and innovative solutions when traditional approaches are ineffective.

As our client, you will find a firm that treats you as our only client - a firm that knows you, your family, and your business. A firm that will develop strategies to help mitigate the fluctuations of the financial markets like the tourbillon offsets the effects of gravity on a watch.